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Comb jellies cruise through the water. 栉水母在水中游弋。 They too flourish in this seasonal soup 它们也在这个季节性美汤里蓬勃生长, and for short periods, they appear in astounding numbers. 在很短的时间内,它们就能达到惊人的数量。 Krill, shrimp like creatures. 磷虾,一种小型虾类。 By weight they're the most abundant animals on the planet. 如果按重量计算,他们是地球上最多量的动物,一群就可达200万吨。 A single swarm can contain two million tons of them, and that is a lot of fish food. 磷虾也为鱼提供了大量的食物。 The shallow temperate seas support the greatest concentrations of fish on our planet. 这片温和的浅海是地球上鱼类最密集的地区。 Huge shoals migrate from their overwintering grounds in the depths to feed in these rich waters. 大量鱼群从海洋深处的冬歇地赶来,在这片富饶海域进食。 It's these shoals that support most of the world's sea mammals. 鱼群也养育了世界上大多数海洋哺乳动物。 Sea lions have all the agility and speed needed to collect what they want, and seemingly delight in doing so. 海狮拥有捕鱼所需的敏捷和速度,看起来他们也喜欢这样做。 Dusky dolphin, often in pods two hundred strong work together to reap the harvest. 200条暗色斑纹海豚聚集在一起,紧密合作,尽情收获。 They break up the shoals into smaller, more manageable balls, and all the hunters benefit. 它们将鱼群分成许多小群,让猎人们更加易于处理。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180622/567703.html