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In winter, the temperate seas are lashed by violent storms. 在冬季,气候温和的海域被风暴肆虐着。 The turbulence stirs the water, and draws nutrients up from the depths, 湍流激起海水,将深处的养分搅上来, but nutrients alone can not support life. 但只有养分并不能维持生命。 There must also be sunlight. 还必须有阳光。 In the spring, as the sun daily climbs higher in the sky, the algae start to grow. 春天,太阳高悬空中,藻类开始生长。 Blooms the size of the Amazon Rainforest turn the seas green. 旺盛的藻类占据着亚马逊雨林般大小的面积,它们将大海染绿。 Individually the algae are tiny, but together, 单体藻类虽然很细小, they produce three quarters of all the oxygen in our atmosphere. 但它们共同产生了我们大气中四分之三的氧气。 They're eaten by an array of bewildering creatures. 藻类被一群让人困惑的生物吃掉。 Salps appear in the plankton soup. 樽海鞘出现在浮游生物汤中。 Individuals link together to form chains which can stretch for fifteen meters. 这些一个个单体组成的链条可长达15米。 Pumping water through their bodies they strain out algae and other edible particles. 他们用汲取海水,在身体里过滤、分离出藻类及其他可食用微粒。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180622/567702.html