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I chose to give up my professional career, a dream that I had from a very young age. It was a real blow. 我选择放弃我的职业生涯,一个我儿时的梦想,这个打击很大 I went to Cambridge, after graduating from Harvard and I enrolled in a PhD program. 我去了剑桥,哈佛毕业后,我参加一个博士项目 I was the only student in my PhD program to fail, I was thrown out of the program. 我是那个项目中唯一没通过的,我被赶出了这个项目 It was humiliating; it seemed like a waste of a year because I did not even get a master's degree. 很没面子;这好像是浪费了一年的时间因为我甚至没拿到硕士学位 It was a real tough experience. 这真的是个很艰难的经历 At Harvard, as a graduate student, I took, with all the other students, my qualifying general exams. 在哈佛,作为研究生,我和其他学生一起,参加资格统考 Out of all the graduate students who took that exam, I was the only one who failed it. 在所有参加那个考试的研究生中,我是唯一没有通过的 Once again, a really humiliating experience, walking around William James and everyone knows their results, it was tough. 又是一个非常丢脸的经历,走在威廉·詹姆斯楼边,大家都知道成绩,这很难堪 Not only that, I was given provisional, the provisional option of staying in the program. 不只那样,我被临时、临时选择留在这个项目中 They said to me, not only do you need to pass next year's exam when you take it with the next class, you have to pass it with flying colors or you are out. 他们对我说,你不仅要通过明年考试,要和下一届一起考,你还要出色地通过考试,否则就出局 So, while the rest of the semester, while working on the dissertations, writing, almost graduating 剩下的这个学期忙着于论文和写作的同时,我几乎快毕业 I had to go back to the basics and go over the whole material again. 还得回去看最基本的知识,把所有教材再复习一遍。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180622/567672.html