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骑士与少女 第371期:艾瑞克的讨论(08)

Other questions I can answer? 还有其他需要我回答的问题吗 Okay 好的 Pardon 不好意思重复下 You know there's another way there's a better question in here 在这里还藏着一个更好的办法 一个很好的问题 Remember in White's book? 还记得在怀特的书里吗 I think we were talking about White's at the very end 我们在最后说到了怀特 They refer to Arthur having two sons? 他们说到亚瑟有两个儿子 and there is one little point that said Arthur's two son and it was like 'what' 有一个小小的观点就是亚瑟有两个儿子 什么? In this paragraph just above Sagremore, it says: 就在Sagremore上面的这段是这样写的 "and a young man of great merit, Lorhord, king Arthur's son 有个品德高尚的人 洛华德 亚瑟的儿子 What?! 什么 By whom? 跟谁生的 Where? 在哪里 Where'd he come from? 他从哪里来 And I didn't I should have a made a note to myself 在这里我应该做个笔记 I didn't try to look him back up the other way 我并没有试着用其他的方法查询他 see if I could find his name in reference, where he came from 看看能不能在参考书里找到他的名字 他从哪里来 You know? Maybe this is by Morgan Le Fay. I don't know 你知道吗 也许是仙女摩根 我不知道 And you know, Arthur really getting around with his half sisters 你知道的他和摩根有着说不清的关系 trying to be fair and equal and he just never got to Elaine 为了公正平等 他永远都没有跟伊莱恩在一起 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180622/567637.html