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骑士与少女 第370期:艾瑞克的讨论(07)

One thing I didn't want to point out though 我想说一件事 if you read through this list, one thing that struck me was 如果你通读这一段名单的话 让我惊讶的一件事是 some of these names you've never heard of crop up different places 其中的一些从未听说过的名字出现在不同的地方 and one of the people he mentions, 其中他提到了一个人 about two thirds of the way through that paragraph 在这段三分之二的地方 is a guy by the name of Sagremore 一个名字叫做Sagremore的人 G-R-E his name is right on the left M-O-R 他的名字里G-R-E就在M-O-R左边 And Mark Twain wrote a novel 马克·吐温写过一个小说 "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" 叫做《亚瑟王朝廷上的康涅狄格州美国人》 which was made into a movie with Bing Crosby 并由平·克劳斯贝主演拍成了电影 And actually the guy that Bing Crosby who plays Connecticut Yankee encounters when he comes to King Arthur's court is Sagremore 之后平·克劳斯贝扮演的康涅狄克州的美国佬 在去亚瑟法庭的时候遇见了Sagremore and Sagremore is kind of his buddy 而Sagremore 成为他善良的伙伴 So a lot of these people who are just kind of names thrown out all of a sudden like Malagant in "First Knight" 所以这里面人的名字都是忽然冒出来的 就像"第一骑士"里面的Malagant People who are really kind of people but we never talk about much in these things 这些人都是那种我们几乎从未深入讨论过的人 all of a sudden somebody will pick out of nowhere 忽然有人不知从哪里挑出了这些名字 and make kind of important character 让他们担任了重要的角色 Kind of an interesting movie 这是个很有趣的电影 If you have a chance you wanted to watch it 如果有机会的话你一定会去想看看这部电影 I've rented it I'll lend it to you 我租过这部电影 可以借你看看 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180622/567636.html