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But the truth is that these are mostly one-offs, boutique projects, not easily reproduced at a global scale. 但事实是这些往往都只是个例,精品工程没办法轻易的在全球范围内普及。 And that is the point. When you use materials that have a local significance, you prevent cities from all looking the same. 但这也就是它的意义所在。当你去使用这些具有地方特色的建材时,就能够避免城市外观趋于一致。 Copper has a long history in New York -- the Statue of Liberty, the crown of the Woolworth Building 在纽约,铜的运用已有很长的历史了,自由女神像和伍尔沃思大厦的楼顶都是如此, but it fell out of fashion for a long time 但是它已经脱离时尚界多年, until SHoP Architects used it to cover the American Copper Building, a pair of twisting towers on the East River. 直到SHoP建筑师们在建造东河岸的一对扭曲塔楼American Copper Building时,再次使用了它。 It's not even finished and you can see the way sunset lights up that metallic facade, which will weather to green as it ages. 它还没有完工,但你仍能够从夕阳中看到那耀眼的金属光泽,知道它们会随着时间风化成绿色。 Buildings can be like people. Their faces broadcast their experience. 楼房也可以和人一样。它们的脸上写满了沧桑。 And that's an important point, because when glass ages, you just replace it, 这是很重要的一点,因为当玻璃老化的时候我们就会把它换掉, and the building looks pretty much the same way it did before until eventually it's demolished. 这样那些楼房看起来始终都是一个样子,直到最终销毁。 Almost all other materials have the ability to absorb infusions of history and memory, and project it into the present. 几乎所有的材料都有能力去吸收并融纳历史和记忆,并把这些都呈现于当代。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180620/567204.html