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Procession: 行列,队伍 In Lebanon, noisy street processions mourned former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri a day before the funeral that will bring international leaders to Beirut. Angry Lebanese attacked Syrian workers in his hometown of Sidon, injuring several and shattering the windows of a Syrian-owned bakery. 黎巴嫩前首相Rafik Hariri逝世,这位伟大的领导将会被葬在贝鲁特地区,葬礼前一天,黎巴嫩的街道上挤满了送别的人,在西顿愤怒的黎巴嫩人攻击了当地的叙利亚工人,他们还砸毁了一间叙利亚人开的面包房的橱窗,造成人员受伤。 Al Jazeera: 半岛电视台 In the survey of almost 2,000 ad executives, brand managers and academics by online magazine Brandchannel, Apple ousted search engine Google from last year's top spot, but the surprise to many will be Al Jazeera's entry into the top five. 在线杂志Brandchannel对2,000名广告业高管,品牌经理和专家学者进行了调查,结果显示Apple取代搜索引擎Google夺得榜首位置,而令人惊讶的是半岛电视台悄然进入前五行列。 Migrate: 移居,移民 Unskilled foreigners will find it harder to migrate to Britain under new proposals, which also call for stricter screening of asylum seekers and tighter border controls. 英国新的移民政策对寻求庇护的移民者要求更严,对边境的控制更加的严格,这使得低技能的移民者很难在英国为生。 Hospitalization: 住院治疗 The 10-minute appearance at an open window gave the public its first glimpse of the 84-year-old pontiff since his hospitalization, which rekindled questions about his ability to carry on. 现今84岁的教皇卧病在床,他在窗口露面的短短十分钟给公众有机会一撇真容,这使得人们重新质疑教皇能否继续承担他的职责。 Rosy: 光明或愉快的 Bolstered by a humming economy and widespread approval of his response to the December tsunami tragedy, Thaksin's projected win surpassed even his and his party's rosiest expectations. 由于经济欣欣向荣,对12月海啸的积极采取措施,塔克辛(泰国前总理)受到广泛认同,他的提出的预案出乎意料的迅速得到批准通过。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180619/566897.html