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So I remained with them, and the more I wrote that story, the more I got into those beliefs, 所以我决定留下来和他们一起,我写的越多,我便越相信这些信仰, and I think that's important for me -- to take on the beliefs, because that is where the story is real, 这对我来说是重要的--去真正接受这些信仰,因为这样,故事才能真实, and that is where I'm gonna find the answers to how I feel about certain questions that I have in life. 那便是我找到的答案,来解决我人生问题的地方。 Years go by, of course, and the writing, it doesn't happen instantly, as I'm trying to convey it to you here at TED. 随着时间过去,我也写了很多作品,但这不是在一瞬间发生的,在这里,我想对你们说的是。 The book comes and it goes. When it arrives, it is no longer my book. 这些书来了又走。当它来到的时候,它已不再属于我。 It is in the hands of readers, and they interpret it differently. 而在每个读者手中,他们有不同的解读。 But I go back to this question of, how do I create something out of nothing? And how do I create my own life? 但我仍然回到同样的问题,我如何无中生有?我如何创造自己的生命? And I think it is by questioning, and saying to myself that there are no absolute truths. 我对它提出问题,并告诉我自己,它没有一个确定的答案。 I believe in specifics, the specifics of story, 我相信那些具体的事,故事中的细节, and the past, the specifics of that past, and what is happening in the story at that point. 以及往事,往事中的细节,当时故事中所发生的事。 I also believe that in thinking about things -- my thinking about luck, and fate, 我也相信,在我们考量着这些,有关运气、命运、 and coincidences and accidents, God's will, and the synchrony of mysterious forces 巧合和意外,天意和这些神秘力量的互动时, I will come to some notion of what that is, how we create. I have to think of my role. 我将会对我们的创造力有些概念。我思考自己的角色。 Where I am in the universe, and did somebody intend for me to be that way, or is it just something I came up with? 在宇宙中的原因,是否有人要我成为现在这个样子,或是那完全出于我自己? And I also can find that by imagining fully, and becoming what is imagined -- and yet is in that real world, the fictional world. 我可以借着想象来找到答案,或成为自己想象的模样,在那真实世界,虚构世界。 And that is how I find particles of truth, not the absolute truth, or the whole truth. 这便是我找到部分真理的办法,不是绝对的,或是完全的真理。 And they have to be in all possibilities, including those I never considered before. So, there are never complete answers. 它们仍有许多可能性,包括那些我从未想到的从没有完整的答案。 Or rather, if there is an answer, it is to remind myself that there is uncertainty in everything, and that is good, 就算有,也是为了提醒我自己,一切都是变化无常的,那是件好事, because then I will discover something new. 因为我总能发现新东西。 And if there is a partial answer, a more complete answer from me, it is to simply imagine. 如果有一个片段的答案,一个更完整的答案,便是简单的想象。 And to imagine is to put myself in that story, until there was only there is a transparency between me and the story that I am creating. 想象便是将自己放进故事里,直到我和我的故事间完全透明,毫无距离。 And that's how I've discovered that if I feel what is in the story -- in one story 那便是我发现,若我能感觉到故事里的情节, then I come the closest, I think, to knowing what compassion is, to feeling that compassion. 那么我便接近了懂得了什么是同感,去完整的感受这同感。 Because for everything, in that question of how things happen, it has to do with the feeling. 因为对每件事来说,当我们问事情是怎么发生的,那便和感受有关。 I have to become the story in order to understand a lot of that. 我必须成为故事的一部分才能理解。 We've come to the end of the talk, and I will reveal what is in the bag, and it is the muse, 当我们来到演讲的最后,我将揭露袋子里的是什么,那是灵感, and it is the things that transform in our lives, that are wonderful and stay with us. 是改变我们人生的事物,那些美好的,从不离弃的。 There she is. Thank you very much! 它在这里。非常感谢! 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180617/566470.html