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BBC英伦朋克101 前朋克时代1972-1976(BBC Punk Britannia 1of3 Pre-Punk 1972-1976) 第20期

巴里·马斯特斯 埃迪飞车乐队 在舞台上发疯似的释放这些能量 To let go of the energy I used to go mad on stage, 到处跑 在房梁上荡来荡去 running around, swinging from the rafters. 那时没有其他乐队像我们这样 There was no-one else like us at the time. 朋克一代已经达到法定年龄 The punk generation had reached the legal age 开始渗入酒吧演出中 and begun to infiltrate the pub scene. 面对着一个与自己年龄相仿的人 Faced with a front man of their own age, 他们认为埃迪飞车乐队就是身边某个朋友 they adopted Eddie & The Hot Rods as one of their own. 你去看像埃迪飞车乐队这样的乐队 You went to see people like Eddie & The Hot Rods, '75, '76, 马克·佩里 《嗅胶爱好者杂志》 因为他们演奏的是非常简单的朋克节奏蓝调 because they were playing a very basic, punky type of R&B. 你可以从这样的音乐中找到认同 You know, it was music that you felt you could identify with. 他们激动得眼睛凸出 很有范儿 Their eyes were bulging, they looked the part, 他们演奏的节奏在洛杉矶无人能及 they were playing at a tempo that no-one in LA was playing at. 吉姆·克尔 约翰尼和自慰者乐队 他们是我们的 And they were ours. 飞车乐队为舞台增添了能量 The Rods cranked up the energy on stage, 但他们仍然依赖于翻唱美式摇滚 but their set still relied on American rock covers. 能让朋克马上变得与众不同的 What would soon set punk apart 是具有英国特色的声音 was a voice with a vision of Britain 如同漂泊无依的孩子所感知和寻觅到的 as it felt and smelled to the kids it had set adrift. *I was saying let me out of here before I was even born* Richard Hell And The Voidoids - Blank Generation *It's such a gamble when you get a face* *I belong to the generation but* *I can take it or leave it each time...* 这仍然是六十年代的遗留物 It was still that sort of hangover from the '60s 延续到了七十年代中期 that went on into the mid '70s, 那时候人们仍然穿着 where people were still walking around来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180613/BBC-Punk-Britannia-1of3-Pre-Punk-1972-1976-20.html