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绿箭(Arrow) 第05季 第04集 第01期

我是奥利弗·奎恩 My name is Oliver Queen. 五年里 我被困在地狱 After 5 years in hell, 我回来只有一个目标 I returned home with only one goal-- 拯救我的城市 to save my city. 现在我有两个身份 Today, I fight that war on two fronts. 白天 我是星城的市长 By day, I lead star city as its mayor, 而晚上 我是另一个人 but by night, I am someone else. 我是另一个存在 I am something else. 我就是绿箭侠 I am the Green Arrow. 《绿箭》前情提要 Previously on "Arrow"... 前警察队长昆汀·兰斯 Former police captain Quentin Lance, 他将任副市长辅助我 who will be serving beside meas. 非常感谢您的信任 市长先生 Appreciate the vote of confidence, mr. Mayor. 你不是星城来的吗 Are you not from Star City? 不是 是海文洛克 No. Havenrock. 有些事你要知道 There's something that I need you to know. 海文洛克并不是原定目标 Havenrock was not the intended target. 有人为了减少伤亡数量改变了 Someone redirected the missile to reduce 导弹的方向 the number of casualties. 这个人就是我 That someone was me. 从我杀安迪到现在 Ever since I killed Andy... 你觉得你需要被惩罚吗 You think you need to be punished. 别再为我费劲了 莱拉 Stop fighting for me, Lyla. 我们要谈谈约翰 We need to talk about John. 他回国了 在监狱里 He's back in the country, and he's in prison, 我需要你把他弄出来 And I need you to break him out. 快点 奥林匹亚先生 赶紧的 Come on, Mr. Olympia. Hustle up. 奥林匹亚先生是健美比赛的冠军 Mr. Olympia's a bodybuilding competition. 我以前 现在是奥林匹克运动员 I was--am an Olympic athlete. 是吗 现在是不是努力了就能拿金牌 Yeah? They give out gold medals for effort now? 真有趣 不过我拿的是铜牌 Very funny, and it was a bronze medal. 有那么难记住吗 Why is that so hard to remember? 闭嘴 每次执行任务的时候 Quiet. Every time you're out in the field, 都有可能送命 you could die. 别忘了这一点 集中精神 Don't forget that, don't lose focus. 守望者 找到目标了吗 Overwatch, do we have the target? 正向东出口移动 速度很快 Headed toward the east exit, closing fast. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180613/Arrow-05-04-1.html