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趣味建议React 第130期:如何制作比第一部还好的续集电影

This is a clever one, folks. Isabibimailloux01. 各位,这个名字很灵巧。Isabibimailloux01问道: "How do you make a sequel better than the first movie?" “如何制作比第一部还好的续集电影 You don't usually. 通常做不到。 Everybody knows that sequels are nothing near better than the first movies. 所有人都知道续集电影远不如第一部。 Sequels have such a stigma about them, which is why the sequel has to be making fun of the fact of sequels, which is why 22 Jump Street was freaking awesome. 续集电影往往会留下污名,所以其实结果就是在取笑拍摄续集这件事,龙虎少年队真是棒极了。 This is a really hard question because most of them are terrible. Sort of stay true to the actual movie. 这是一个非常难的问题,因为大多数续集电影都很糟糕。也许可以关注电影本身。 You're gonna have to talk to the directors about that. 你应该和导演讨论这个问题。 Find a good director. Find a good producer to the movie. 找来好导演。找来好制片来制作电影。 I just think good writing is the key. 我认为关键是要有优秀的剧本。 The first movie should end in a cliffhanger, and then the sequel should follow through to that cliffhanger. 第一部电影结束时应该留下悬念,然后续集要揭开这个悬念。 I'm imagining you have to get the same people. Like, the second Mad Max, to me, was not as good as the first one, because the people were different. 我认为要找原班人马来出演续集。比如,《疯狂的麦克斯2》对我来说就没有第一部好,因为演员换了。 You should study the first movie very well. And then you want to get creative. Then just add creative stuff to it. 你应该将第一部电影研究透彻。然后发挥创意。把创意加入续作中。 Add special effects and make it more complex and robotical. That's very good. 加入特效,使电影更加复杂,还要加入机器人技术。那非常不错。 Fighting a little bit. A little bit of magic. A little bit of this. A little bit of that. 加入一些打斗情节,再加点魔法。加点这个,再加点那个。 Lots of explosions are good. If it's Twilight, EXPLOSIONS. Notebook, EXPLOSIONS. When they kissed, there should have been just...(boom!) ...out of their mouth. 加入大量的爆炸镜头会非常不错。如果是《暮光之城》,加入爆炸场景。《恋恋笔记本》也要加入爆炸场面。在他们亲吻时,应该有“嘭”的声音从他们嘴里出来。 Thanks for watching Advice on the React channel. 谢谢大家收看本期React频道的Advice节目。 SubsCRIbe. New shows every week. 订阅吧。每周都有新节目。 Comment your questions down below. 请在下面提出大家的问题。 Bye! Remember, Instagram and then homework. 再见!记住,先把Instagram,然后再写作业。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180613/565404.html