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里昂夜读美文 第238期:诸葛亮《出师表》

Permit me to observe: the late Emperor was taken from us before he could finish his life's work, the restoration of the Han. 臣亮言:先帝创业未半而中道崩殂。 Today, the empire is still divided in three, and our very survival is threatened. 今天下三分,益州疲弊,此诚危急存亡之秋也。 Yet still, the officials at court and the soldiers throughout the realm remain loyal to you, your majesty. 然侍卫之臣不懈于内,忠志之士忘身于外者, Because they remember the late emperor, all of them, and they wish to repay his kindness in service to you. 盖追先帝之殊遇,欲报之于陛下也。 This is the moment to extend your divine influence, 诚宜开张圣听, to honor the memory of the late Emperor and strengthen the morale of your officers. 以光先帝遗德,恢弘志士之气。 It is not the time to listen to bad advice or close your ears to the suggestions of loyal men. 不宜妄自菲薄,引喻失义,以塞忠谏之路也。 The emperors of the Western Han chose their courtiers wisely, and their dynasty flourished. 亲贤臣,远小人,此先汉所以兴隆也。 The emperors of the Eastern Han chose poorly, and they doomed the empire to ruin. 亲小人,远贤臣,此后汉所以倾颓也。 Whenever the late Emperor discussed this problem with me, he lamented the failings of Emperors Huan and Ling. 先帝在时,每与臣论此事,未尝不叹息痛恨于桓、灵也。 I began as a common man, farming in my fields in Nanyang, doing what I could to survive in an age of chaos. 臣本布衣,躬耕于南阳,苟全性命于乱世, I never had any interest in making a name for myself as a noble. 不求闻达于诸侯。 The late Emperor was not ashamed to visit my cottage and seek my advice. 先帝不以臣卑鄙,猥自枉屈,三顾臣于草庐之中,咨臣以当世之事, Grateful for his regards, I responded to his appeal and threw myself into his service. 由是感激,遂许先帝以驱驰。 The late Emperor always appreciated my caution and, in his final days, entrusted me with this cause. 先帝知臣谨慎,故临崩寄臣以大事也。 Since that moment, I have been tormented day and night by the fear that I might let him down. 受命以来,夙夜忧叹,恐托付不效,以伤先帝之明, That is why I crossed the Lu river at the height of summer and entered the wastelands beyond. 故五月渡泸,深入不毛。 Now the south has been subdued, and our forces are fully armed. 今南方已定,兵甲已足, I should lead our soldiers to conquer the northern heartland and attempt to remove the hateful traitors, 当奖率三军,北定中原,庶竭驽钝,攘除奸凶, restore the house of Han, and return it to the former capital. 兴复汉室,还于旧都。 This is the way I mean to honor my debt to the late Emperor and fulfill my duty to you. 此臣所以报先帝而忠陛下之职分也。 My only desire is to be permitted to drive out the traitors and restore the Han. 愿陛下托臣以讨贼兴复之效, If I should let you down, punish my offense and report it to the spirit of the late Emperor. 不效,则治臣之罪,以告先帝之灵。 Your Majesty, consider your course of action carefully. 陛下亦宜自谋, Seek out good advice, and never forget the last words of the late Emperor. 以咨诹善道,察纳雅言。深追先帝遗诏, I depart now on a long expedition, and I will be forever grateful if you heed my advice. 臣不胜受恩感激。今当远离, Blinded by my own tears, I know not what I write. 临表涕零,不知所言。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180613/565402.html