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跟着Gwen学英语之每日早读 第415期

Things always work out, even if they're harder right now. 语音讲解 今日发音练习重点: 1. hard 美音的/ar/:/a/因受到后面/r/的影响,开口度整体小于英音中的/a/音; 2.they're 弱读:轻,快,短。 言之有物 1.词链儿: Things always work out. 事情总能解决。 不同语境下类比使用: Things will work out. Things didn't work out. If things don't work out,.... 拓展:work out 的用法 ①解决/做成 Don't worry. I'm sure we can work it out. 别担心. 我保证我们有办法解决. ②形成 work out a plan 形成计划 ③事情发生 Let's hope this new job works out well for him. 希望这项新工作会非常适合他。 ④锻炼身体 He works out in the gym two or three times a week. 他每周在健身房锻炼两三次。 2. 词链儿: even if+句子 即使XX even if& even though 辨析 You use even if to say that a possible situation would not prevent something from being true. 例句: Even if you disagree with her, she's worth listening to. 即使你不同意她的意见,也值得一听。 I hope I can come back, even if it's only for a few weeks. 我希望我能回来,哪怕只是几个星期。 Even though has a similar meaning to 'although', but is more emphatic(语气强调的). 例句: He went to work even though he was unwell. 尽管身体不舒服,他还是去上班了。 I was always afraid of him, even though he was kind to me. 我总是害怕他,即使他对我很好。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180613/565401.html