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But actually, aren't most of us not really so very good at empathy? 但事实上,我们大多数人难道不是缺乏同情心吗? Oh sure, we're very good at empathy when it's a question of dealing with people who kind of look like us 当然,我们非常有同情心,当问题出在那些跟我们长得差不多, and kind of walk and talk and eat and pray and wear like us, 走路、说话和祈祷的方式差不多,衣着也差不多的人, but when it comes to people who don't do that, 但当问题出在那些不那样做的人, who don't quite dress like us and don't quite pray like us and don't quite talk like us, 那些跟我们衣着不同的人,祈祷方式不同的人,说话方式不同的人, do we not also have a tendency to see them ever so slightly as cardboard cutouts too? 我们岂不是倾向于把他们当成纸片人吗? And this is a question we need to ask ourselves. 这是我们需要问自己的问题。 I think constantly we have to monitor it. 我认为我们需要不断地监督自己。 Are we and our politicians to a degree cultural psychopaths? 我们和我们的政党某个程度上 是不是文化精神变态? The third reason is hardly worth mentioning because it's so silly, 第三个原因都不值一提,因为它太白痴了, but there's a belief amongst governments that the domestic agenda and the international agenda are incompatible and always will be. 但政府间有一种想法,那就是国内事务和国际事务是不兼容的,并会一直如此。 This is just nonsense. In my day job, I'm a policy adviser. 这是无稽之谈。我的工作是政策顾问。 I've spent the last 15 years or so advising governments around the world, 我过去的15年左右都在世界各国的政府里做顾问, and in all of that time I have never once seen a single domestic policy issue that could not be more imaginatively, 整个这段时间我从没见过任何一个国家政策问题 effectively and rapidly resolved than by treating it as an international problem, 会不比国际问题能够更具想像力的、高效并快捷的解决了。 looking at the international context, comparing what others have done, 看看国际大环境,比较其他国家是怎么做的, bringing in others, working externally instead of working internally. 请别人进来,外部合作,而不只是内部工作。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180613/565395.html