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Also, one of the principles of creativity is to have a little childhood trauma. 创意的其中一项原则是拥有童年的心理创伤。 And I had the usual kind that I think a lot of people had, and that is that, you know, I had expectations placed on me. 我想我有的创伤和一般人一样,来自父母对子女过分热切的期望。 That figure right there, by the way, figure right there was a toy given to me when I was but nine years old, 那具人体模型,是我在九岁的时候得到的一件玩具, and it was to help me become a doctor from a very early age. 以助我在童年时期就能踏上成为医生康庄大道。 I have some ones that were long lasting: 还有一些持续比较久的心理创伤: from the age of five to 15, this was supposed to be my side occupation, and it led to a sense of failure. 从五到十五岁,成为一个钢琴家理应变成我的第二职业,但最终它只变成我感觉失败的来源。 But actually, there was something quite real in my life that happened when I was about 14. 但事实上,在我人生中是有一些真实的心理创伤,发生在我十四岁的时候。 And it was discovered that my brother, in 1967, and then my father, six months later, had brain tumors. 就是在1967年发现我的兄弟,以及六个月后发现我的父亲,双双长了脑瘤。 And my mother believed that something had gone wrong, and she was gonna find out what it was, and she was gonna fix it. 我母亲相信有些事情出错了,她想找出原因,然后解决它。 My father was a Baptist minister, and he believed in miracles, and that God's will would take care of that. 我父亲是个牧师,他相信神迹,他相信神会解决那些问题。 But, of course, they ended up dying, six months apart. 但当然,他们都过世了,中间隔了六个月。 And after that, my mother believed that it was fate, or curses 在那之后,我母亲相信那是命运,是诅咒, she went looking through all the reasons in the universe why this would have happened. 她找遍了宇宙间为什么这件事会发生的所有可能的理由。 Everything except randomness. She did not believe in randomness. There was a reason for everything. 除了偶然以外所有的理由。她不相信偶然。每件事都有原因。 And one of the reasons, she thought, was that her mother, who had died when she was very young, was angry at her. 她相信其中一件原因是在她的母亲,她相信在她幼年就过世的母亲怨恨她。 And so, I had this notion of death all around me, because my mother also believed that I would be next, and she would be next. 所以我总被死亡的阴影笼罩着,因为我母亲还相信我会是下一个,或是她会是下一个。 And when you are faced with the prospect of death very soon, you begin to think very much about everything. 当你面对死亡的时候,你开始认真思考每件事情。 You become very creative, in a survival sense. 从一种争取生存的角度来说,你开始非常有创造力。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180613/565359.html