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Give no ground: 毫不让步 Secretary of State nominee Condoleezza Rice gave no ground in Senate confirmation questioning Tuesday, insisting the United States was fully prepared for the Iraq war and its aftermath and refusing to give a timetable for U.S. troops to come home. 美国国务卿Condoleezza Rice驳回议会的提议,坚持发动伊拉克战争,并拒绝给出美国军队撤出的明确时间,他表示美国已经最好了作战准备。 Thwart: 阻挠,妨碍 Insurgents in Iraq threatened yesterday to kill eight Chinese hostages as Baghdad officials said they would close land borders and restrict traffic across the country in a bid to thwart attacks during next week's election. 伊拉克叛乱分子昨天威胁要杀死八名中国人质,以反对巴格达政府为防止发生袭击事件而关闭陆路口岸,限制交通的行动。 Archbishop: 大主教 The Iraqi Catholic archbishop of Mosul was kidnapped at gunpoint on Monday and the Vatican demanded his quick release and deplored what it branded an act of terrorism. 周一,伊拉克摩苏尔地区天主教大主教遭到劫持,罗马教廷要求绑架者马上释放人质,并谴责这些恐怖份子。 Inauguration: 就职典礼,开幕式 An uNPRecedented level of security is planned for George W. Bush's inauguration on Jan. 20, including six thousand police officers, 2,500 military personnel, and dozens of federal security agencies on patrol. 1月20日,6,000警员,2,500部队人员,几十名联邦安全局人员对George W. Bush就职典礼做了充分的安保措施。 Malaria: 疟疾,瘴气 Health officials plan to go door to door and tent to tent with mosquito-killing spray guns beginning Friday to head off a looming threat that one expert says could kill 100,000 more people around the tsunami disaster zone: malaria. 卫生官员计划自周五起,逐家发放杀蚊喷雾,以防止疟疾的蔓延,据专家表示,海啸过后,光是疟疾就能令10万人丧命。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180613/565313.html