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TED十佳演讲之败中求胜 不要一悔再悔(03)

This idea is nicely captured by this quote: "Things without all remedy should be without regard; what's done is done." 有句话很好地表达了这个观点:“放开无法挽回的事情;泼出去水收不回来。” And it seems like kind of an admirable philosophy at first-something we might all agree to sign onto...until I tell you who said it. 首先这个看起来是很值得赞扬的人生哲学—要是我不告诉你谁说的,大家也许会同意然后签署为…… Right, so this is Lady MacBeth basically telling her husband to stop being such a wuss for feeling bad about murdering people. 没错,就是麦克白夫人告诉她丈夫别像个懦夫一样,害怕杀了人。 And as it happens, Shakespeare was onto something here, as he generally was. 这里莎士比亚其实另有所指,他总是这样。 Because the inability to experience regret is actually one of the diagnostic characteristics of sociopaths. 因为无法体会后悔,其实是反社会人格的。 It's also, by the way, a characteristic of certain kinds of brain damage. 诊断特征之一,它也是一种脑损伤的表象。 So people who have damage to their orbital frontal cortex seem to be unable to feel regret in the face of even obviously very poor decisions. 如果有人的眼窝前额皮质受到损失,就可能甚至在面对非常错误的决定时也能绝不后悔。 So if, in fact, you want to live a life free of regret, there is an option open to you. It's called a lobotomy. 那么,你要是想生而无悔,那就有个办法。叫前脑叶白质切除术。 But if you want to be fully functional and fully human and fully humane, I think you need to learn to live, not without regret, but with it. 但是如果你想功能正常,做正常人、有人性,那就得学着不要一悔再悔。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180613/565312.html