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乔布斯传 第414期:致疯狂的人(10)

Starting with the "Think Different" campaign, and continuing through the rest of his years at Apple, 从“非同凡想”宣传活动开始,并且在乔布斯在苹果公司的岁月里一直延续了下去的一个惯例, Jobs held a freewheeling three-hour meeting every Wednesday afternoon 那就是乔布斯会在每周三下午开三个小时的自由讨论会, with his top agency, marketing, and communications people to kick around messaging strategy. 跟他的主要代理商、营销部门和公关部门一起探讨广告战略。 "There's not a CEO on the planet who deals with marketing the way Steve does," said Clow. “地球上再没有哪个CEO像史蒂夫一样对待市场营销,”克劳说, "Every Wednesday he approves each new commercial, print ad, and billboard." “每周三他都在审定新的电视广告、平面广告和广告牌。” At the end of the meeting, he would often take Clow and his two agency colleagues, Duncan Milner and James Vincent, 会议结束后,乔布斯常常带克劳和克劳的两个同事--邓肯·米尔纳和詹姆斯·文森特, to Apple's closely guarded design studio to see what products were in the works. 一起去苹果戒备森严的设计工作室看开发中的产品。 "He gets very passionate and emotional when he shows us what's in development," said Vincent. “当他向我们展示正在开发的东西时,会变得激情澎湃。”文森特说。 By sharing with his marketing gurus his passion for the products as they were being created, 乔布斯在产品创造过程中就和营销专家们分享他的激情, he was able to ensure that almost every ad they produced was infused with his emotion. 可以确保他们制作的每一个广告中都灌输了他的情感。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180613/565303.html