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NBA季后赛MVP排行榜 谁是最强的存在

NO.1 LeBron 第一位 詹皇 LeBron is still the King. He has put together a legendary playoff run to carry a team of struggling players to another NBA Finals. 勒布朗仍旧是当之无愧的“小皇帝”。他打出了一轮传奇般的系列赛,带领着一支实力薄弱的球队又一次进入了NBA的总决赛。 LeBron leads the playoffs in everything, he's making buzzer-beaters left and right and the image of James scoring a layup with Marcus Morris trying to tackle him is a perfect visualization of him fighting through and carrying people on his back to get to the promised land. 今年的季后赛里,勒布朗的表现绝对可谓领跑全联盟。无论是他多次的压哨绝杀,还是在东决抢七大战最后时刻扛着莫里斯的上篮得分,都反映了他的战斗力,老詹带领着球队回到了许诺之地。 NO.2 Harden 第二位 哈登 Harden is likely to be named the MVP of the NBA this year based on his regular-season brilliance. He wasn't quite as spectacular in the postseason, and his team's loss to the Warriors in the Western Conference finals indicates to some that he's not as transcendent as he should be. 凭借着他在常规赛的精彩表现,今年哈登几乎锁定了常规赛MVP。但在季后赛中他的表现并没有常规赛那么出色,他的球队输给了西部决赛的勇士队,这表明他并没有达到自己应有的高度。 Nevertheless, he was clearly the engine of the Rockets with the best numbers, and his playoff net rating was better than teammate Chris Paul's. Paul and Harden were both necessary for the Rockets to have a chance to advance, but Harden carried the bigger load of the two. 尽管如此,他显然仍是火箭的引擎,而且他的季后赛正负值比队友克里斯·保罗要好。保罗和哈登都是火箭晋级总决赛的关键,但是哈登承担了这两场比赛中更大的负荷。 NO.3 Giannis 第三位 杨尼斯 In fact, he put up LeBron-light numbers to lead his overmatched team to seven games against the same Boston Celtics squad that required that absolute best of the King to squeeze by.With his numbers and ability to maximize his impact as a point center, Antetokounmpo proved in these playoffs that he should be the next major storm to take the NBA. 事实上,在对阵波士顿凯尔特人队的比赛中,字母哥用勒布朗式的数据把这两支实力较为悬殊的球队拖入了抢七,而这也证明了他的王者之气。他凭借自己的数据和能力产生了极大影响力,成为了人们讨论的焦点。字母哥在季后赛中的表现证明了他可以成为下一个席卷NBA的风暴。 NO.4 Davis 第四位 戴维斯 Anthony's teammates Jrue Holiday, Rajon Rondo and Nikola Mirotic also played very well in the postseason, with Holiday especially making his case as an impact star, but Davis was the man in New Orleans after DeMarcus Cousins went down, and his postseason excellence sets the stage for a potential MVP bid next season. 戴维斯的队友霍乐迪、隆多和米罗蒂奇在季后赛打得也非常好,尤其是霍乐迪,打出了全明星的表现。但戴维斯仍是鹈鹕的核心,特别是在考辛斯倒下之后,他的表现让他具有了下一届常规赛MVP潜质。 NO.5 Green 第五位 追梦格林 While the Warriors have three players scoring more than 20 PPG in the postseason, Green's value far belies his 11.1 PPG average.When Stephen Curry was out he improved his playmaking, when Andre Iguodala had to sit Green picked up his defense, and his versatility allowed the Dubs to sit most of their big-man rotation against the Rockets and still survive. 虽然勇士队在季后赛中有三名球员场均得分超过20分,但格林的价值远远要超过于他的场均11.1分的数据之上。当库里缺阵时,他就要更多的承担球队的进攻组织,当伊戈达拉缺阵时,他还要防守担负起更多的防守职责。他的全面性使得勇士队在弃用内线球员的情况下依然能够打败火箭,晋级总决赛。 NO.6 Curry 第六位 库里 Curry went through public questions about his cooler-than-usual jumper early in the conference finals, with some wondering if he was healthy and others questioning his ability to function with the Rockets going after him on both ends of the court. But the third-quarter explosions that define the dangerousness of the squad have Curry and his shimmy written all over them. 在西部决赛前几场,库里冰冷的投球手感就遭到了人们的质疑,有人怀疑他是否康复,还有人怀疑在与火箭对抗时,他在球场两端发挥作用的能力。直到西部决赛最后两场,库里在第三节的爆发,证明了这支球队的威慑力以及库里在球队中不可撼动的地位。 NO.7 Paul 第七位 保罗 Harden is the Rockets' MVP, but he does it by exemplifying the Daryl Morey/Mike D'Antoni systems. Paul, on the other hand, was the security fail-safe for what happened when that system glitched. Paul's ability to run an offense amid chaos and create shots from the midrange was unique on the team, and without his leadership, toughness and feel, the Rockets were unable to hold on when the Warriors turned up the heat. 哈登是火箭队的最有价值球员,但他是在证实了德安东尼教练的体系正确后才打出如此亮眼的表现。而保罗可以被称为这个体系出现故障时的安全防故障装置。保罗的跑动进攻和中投能力在球队中都是独一无二的,如果没有他的领导能力,强劲的韧性和球感,当勇士起势的时候,火箭是无法坚持下去的。 NO.8 Durant 第八位 杜兰特 Durant is Golden State's iso warrior. Much like Paul was the fail-safe for when the Rockets' way went wrong, Durant is the guy who the Dubs can go to when they need a bucket outside of their usual offense.He's the team's leading scorer, and gives them a weapon that can match up with LeBron James one-on-one while the rest of the team destroys the rest of the Cavs. 杜兰特是金州的标准勇士。和保罗在火箭出现问题的时候担任的角色一样,当勇士需要在平时的进攻之外再投进一些球时,杜兰特就是他们最值得信赖的人。他是球队的头号得分手,还是球队中能与詹姆斯进行对位的终极武器,而其他队员则负责摧毁骑士队中的其他人。 NO.9 Horford 第九位 霍福德 Horford's versatility, ability to play inside and out on both offense and defense and quiet leadership were hallmarksof a team that came within points of dethroning James despite the loss of their two best veteran players (Kyrie Irvingand Gordon Hayward) before the postseason even began. 尽管在季后赛开始前他们就失去了两个最好的球员(凯里·欧文与戈登·海沃德),但凭借着他的全面性、内外兼备以及领导力,霍福德成为球队的标杆人物,差点带领凯尔特人击败詹姆斯和他所带领的骑士。 NO.10 Tatum 第十位 塔图姆 Tatum led the Celtics in scoring in the postseason, scoring inside and out, early and in the clutch, and setting himself up as an apparent franchise cornerstone in the very near future. As LeBron said after the game, when watching him this postseason it was clear that he has stardom written all over him. 塔图姆在季后赛中是凯尔特人的得分王,他不仅在内外线进攻都有能力,而且还能在关键时刻得分,这都使得他能在不久的将来能够成为球队的基石。就像詹姆斯在赛后说的那样,只要看过塔图姆在季后赛的表现,你就明白他会是未来的巨星。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180613/565299.html