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I want to end by telling you a story, a personal story about my experiences throughout the years. Some biographical detail, something that most of you did not know. 我想在结尾给你讲一个故事,一个关于我几年间经历的个人故事。一些自传细节,一些你们多数人不知道的事 And I am going to tell it to you first from the perspective of the fault-finder. 我要告诉你们先从消极者的角度 I have a mild case of ADD, 我有轻微的注意力缺陷障碍 it makes things very difficult for me, it's difficult for me to focus, my mind wanders often, and I really struggle with it constantly. 这让事情变得非常困难,我很难集中精神,我的脑子经常游离,我真的不断地与它斗争 When I was in high school, I really wanted to get into a lucrative program in mathematics, did not pass the entry exam, 当我读高中时,我很想进入一个数学的赚钱项目中,没通过入选考试 I was very disappointed, I did not make it. 我很失望,我没做到 Becoming a professional squash player was a dream for me since the age of 11. 成了专业壁球运动员,是我11岁以来的梦想 That is the thing that I thought about constantly, that was the most important thing for me at the time. 那是我一直会想的事情,那时这是我最重要的事 I wanna to be a professional player. 我想当一个专业选手 At the age of twenty, I was about to complete my military service in Israel and I got injured on the squash court 20岁时,我在以色列马上就要服满兵役,我在壁球场受了伤 and pulled the muscle in my back. The doctor gave me an option of being operated on, which was a big risk, or giving up my professional career. 拉坏了背部的肌肉。医生让我选择,或者动手术,这有很大风险,或者放弃职业生涯 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180613/565274.html