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骑士与少女 第369期:艾瑞克的讨论(06)

It's just weird 这个事很奇怪 Anyway, they desCRIbe this dress in some detail 不论如何书上仔细地描写过这条裙子 And again this is to reflect on the splendor of Arthur's court 这个也反映了亚瑟宫殿的富丽堂皇 In other words it's ermine, its jewels set in gold, you know just 换句话说貂皮大衣金银珠宝你明白的 They even tell the amount of gold that's in the different parts 书上甚至描述了不同部分金子的分量 in the tassels and the rubies and that the lining was of white ermine 比如 在红宝石和流苏之间 而且衬里是用白貂皮做的 And so this long desCRIption is just to add you know, to our 出于我们和读者们对虚构的宫殿的幻想 add to the readers admiration of this fictional court 加上这些长长的描述只是为了让你知道这些 how splendid things are; how wonderful they are 这些东西有多壮观有多惊奇 She changes I mean she has great hair too 她也有一头漂亮的头发 How great is her hair 她的头发真美啊 They put a gold thread in it to hold it together 用金线把头发夹在一起 but her hair made the gold thread look bad 她的秀发使金线黯然失色 Yeah sure 是的 的确是 Whatever but so they say 不管是什么样 书上是这么说的 They name all the people here 并列举了所有在场者的名字 Some of these people we're familiar with 其中一些人我们很熟悉 On page 23, important for people who get in 在23页 对于到场的人们来说很重要 Reese? 是吗 I'm sorry, where exactly are you? 不好意思 你看到哪儿了 I don't know 我不知道 Now there is a Coward family 这里有一个考沃德家族 The Cowards are still a well known noble family in England 并且在英格兰 考沃德家族仍然是一个着名的贵族家族 So instead of saying the handsome Count Coward 所以与其说他是帅气的 and so I mean just the similarity of words 所以与其说帅气的考沃德伯爵 Sixty ugly brave 年逾六十 相貌不佳 勇敢 I don't know I simply don't know 我不知道 只是不知道 He could be just having fun, just having fun 也许他只是为了开玩笑 I mean that's a hard you know, being that this is Chrétien 我的意思是这很难 既然这是克雷蒂安写的 I assume Chrétien is taking this from some kind of oral tradition 我猜 这些可能是克雷蒂安从一些传统口口相传的故事中汲取的 Not that he's just writing down what he's heard 而不单单是把他的听闻简单的写下来而已 but this isn't White 但这并不是怀特 This isn't White later where we could really say well he's you know like "Alice in Wonderland" 和他的作品不一样 就像"爱丽丝梦游仙境" He's really referring to the merry London or something 他真正所指的是快乐的伦敦或者其他一些东西 There's none of that 没有别的东西 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180613/565237.html