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《美少女的谎言》第04季 第03期:红心皇后的真面目

If red coat's "A", 如果红外套是A why did she save us from the fire? 又何必把我们从火场里救出来 So she could set us up to take the fall for Wilden's murder. 这样她就可以陷害我们杀了威尔登 A cat plays with a mouse for hours before she actually eats it. 猫在吃掉老鼠之前会耍弄它好几个小时 Once it's dead, the fun's over. 一旦老鼠死了 就没乐趣了 So we're Ali's mice? 所以我们是艾莉的老鼠吗 We're her dolls. 我们是她的娃娃 Guys, Alison isn't playing with us, okay? 姐妹们 耍我们的不是艾莉森 She's dead. 她已经死了 You were on the Halloween train. Dressed like Caleb. 万圣节派对你来了 扮成凯勒的样子 To think we were this close to our first kiss. 想想我们差这么点就接吻了 And to getting rid of me for good. 你还想永远除掉我 That wasn't me. 那不是我 And I can prove it. 我能证明 When I took this, you were already in the box. 拍下这段视频时 你已经被关进箱子了 And these two put you in there. 这两个人把你关了进去 It's not gonna happen! 不可能 That's Wilden. 是威尔登 Listen to me. 听我说 He was the queen of hearts? 他是红心皇后吗 Just leave her. Plans have changed. 别管她了 计划改变 Garrett's going to tell them everything. 加勒特会全盘托出的 There's two of them? 有两个红心皇后 We can't let that happen. 我们不能坐以待毙 Who's that? 这是谁 Your sister. 你姐姐 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180613/565235.html