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BBC英伦朋克101 前朋克时代1972-1976(BBC Punk Britannia 1of3 Pre-Punk 1972-1976) 第10期

像阿瑟·戴利那样的角色 an Arthur Daley-type character. 英国喜剧《看守者》中角色 奸商形象 留着小胡子 叼着烟 You know, with a moustache and the cigarette 有点低俗下流的那种类型 and the sort of sleezy patter. Kursaal Flyers - Pocket Money *You know, I went to a party the other night* *This certain chick was out of sight* *Now, we got talking...* 酒吧摇滚其中一个特点就是 One of the things that pub rock 每个观众都在前排 is the fact that everybody is in the front row. 因为酒吧很小 Because it's so small, 你离乐队很近 you are so close to the band. 你们都是演出的一部分 You are all a part of it. 乐队也有这种感觉 And the band gets that feeling as well. *So I slapped a little cash down on the desk...* 这打破了观众和表演者之间的隔膜 It broke down the barriers between the audience and the artist. 如果你去汉默史密斯音乐厅看喧闹者莫特演出 If you went to the Hammersmith Odeon to see Mott The Hoople, 华丽摇滚乐队 撞见主唱伊恩·亨特的几率微乎其微 chances of bumping into Ian Hunter - extremely remote. 如果去希望之锚酒吧 Come down The Hope & Anchor, 撞见伊安·杜利的可能性就很大 chances of bumping into Ian Dury - ten to one. You know? *Pocket money, ooh, pocket money* *But you know it's true, baby.* 如果伊安·杜利真在酒吧里 想错过都难 If Ian Dury was at the bar, he'd be hard to miss, 尤其当他和基尔伯恩与高路乐队成员在一起时 especially with his band Kilburn & The High Roads in tow. 基尔伯恩乐队的风格截然不同 The Kilburns were an entirely different phenomena. 就像是看到 It was like seeing 精神错乱的吉恩·文森特[摇滚先驱]a kind of demented Gene Vincent, 和一个畸形鼓手及侏儒贝斯手在一起 you know, with a deformed drummer and a dwarf bass player, 他们就像是来城里表演的马戏团 and it was like the circus had come to town. *Woke up this morning in a state of shock...* Kilburn & the High Roads - The Mumble Rumble and the Cocktail Rock来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180611/BBC-Punk-Britannia-1of3-Pre-Punk-1972-1976-10.html