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BBC英伦朋克101 前朋克时代1972-1976(BBC Punk Britannia 1of3 Pre-Punk 1972-1976) 第03期

下一代人可不会这么客气 他们会提刀上门" the next generation is going to come at you with knives." 这就是英伦朋克诞生的发展进程 This is the evolutionary story of the birth of British punk... 性手枪乐队的《英国无政府状态》 The underground London scene 作为创始之作出现以前 that came before the fabled ground zero 伦敦的地下表演就是这样的 of the Sex Pistols' Anarchy In The UK. 久而久之 朋克被神化和约束在 Over time, punk has been mythologized and reduced 脏话 啐唾沫和安全别针耳环 to a barrage of swearing, spitting and safety pins. 朋克实际是由门户一代创立的 The foundations of punk were actually forged 他们处于 by a gateway generation 六十年代的嬉皮士与七十年代的朋克之间 sandwiched between the '60s hippies and the '70s punks. 他们是朋克的老大哥 They were the big brothers of punk, 背负起把摇滚从上流社会 already themselves on a mission 带回到普通大众面前的任务 to take rock back from the jet set. 这一代人为朋克铺好了路 This generation paved the way 但最终他们将被朋克的新曙光所掩盖 but would ultimately be wiped out by punk's new dawn. 朋克之路的第一块基石 And the very first stepping stone on the road to punk 在七十年代初 由一群留着长发 was laid by a group of enterprising young American long-hairs 有进取精神的美国年轻人奠定 at the beginning of the '70s. *Well, I'm riding on an airplane...* 1971年5月的一天 One day, in May 1971, 一支加州三重奏乡村乐队 易碎鸡蛋乐队 a Californian honky-tonk trio, Eggs Over Easy, 敲响了一家北伦敦酒馆的门 knocked on the door of a north London boozer, 寻找演奏场所 looking for a place to play. 我不知道他们在英国做什么 I don't know what they were doing in England, 但他们去找老板 一共三个人 but they went to see the landlord. There was three of them. 马丁·贝尔蒙特 奢华鸭乐队 然后问 "我们能在这演出吗" And they said, "Could we play here?" 呔嗬酒吧 肯蒂什镇来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180610/BBC-Punk-Britannia-1of3-Pre-Punk-1972-1976-3.html