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BBC英伦朋克101 前朋克时代1972-1976(BBC Punk Britannia 1of3 Pre-Punk 1972-1976) 第02期

我们生得太晚而没有成为其中的一员 We had grown up too late to be a part of that. 整个国家都觉得没有创新的好作品出现 The whole country had this feeling that there's no innovation, 我们肯定还没有写出这种作品 there's nothing happening, definitely not for us. 你看到前人创造的那些伟大的作品 When you looked at all the great music that had happened, 比利·爱多尔 X世代乐队 真的会对接下来要怎么做而感到迷茫 you really felt, "Well, what are we going to do?" 真的看不见前途 You really didn't have a future. 不管你在学业上的表现有多么优异 No matter how well you achieved academically, 但还是 "何必呢 有点自知之明吧" it's like, "Why botherKnow your place." 约翰·里顿 性手枪乐队 我们不想要垃圾作品 We didn't want any bullshit, 我们也不想 we didn't want to have 受上一代人思想的影响 an older generation's views put upon our shoulders. 格伦·迈特罗克 性手枪乐队 我们不想循规蹈矩 We didn't want to have to toe the line. 你创造出了一无所有的人 You've created somebody who has nothing. 而从无到有 And, out of nothing, 我会拥有整套新衣 I'm going to build a whole new suit of clothes. 从无到有 我会拥有很棒的造型 Out of nothing, I'm going to look great. 从无到有 我也会让你的下一代惊叹不已 Out of nothing, I'm going to terrify your children. 拉特·斯凯比思 诅咒乐队 在伦敦 就好像巨大的灰云 In London, it felt as if a great ashen cloud 卡洛琳·库恩 作家 笼罩着一切 had fallen over everything. 嬉皮士时代 重要的理想主义问题 The great idealistic issues of the hippie era, 性别政治问题 种族问题 gender politics, issues of race, 权力问题 当权者都充耳不闻 issues of authority, were not listened to. 事实上 我去内政部反映过 In fact, I had gone to the Home Office and said, "我们跟你们提过这个问题 "We have been arguing with you, 要是不听取我的建议 或我们这一代的建议 "and if you don't listen to me, my generation,来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180610/BBC-Punk-Britannia-1of3-Pre-Punk-1972-1976-2.html