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骑士与少女 第368期:艾瑞克的讨论(05)

It's good all my professor's when I was an undergraduate student having gone to a small private; 幸运的是我本科毕业的时候 去了个小私立学校 there wasn't a summer school you could teach in 那里没有一个夏季学校你可以教书 and so it's kind of hard when somebody says, 'You want to teach summer school?' 所以当别人问我 "你想在暑期学校教书" and say 'oh I can make more money' "是的我想挣点钱" but what I still try to do is try to make a reading list for myself, for summer 但是我仍坚持给自己列一个书单暑假来读 And it's hard, you know we've probably talked about this before 但是这个很难做到 我们之前也说过这个话题 At least it's hard for me during the semester to start reading anything for enjoyment 但至少对于我来说 教学期间开始读点有趣的东西很困难 Because what happens is instead of getting ready for class 因为不仅仅是备课 I'm sitting in my office reading my book, I gotta finish my book 我还要在办公室里读完我所列的书 我得读完它 And I say, 'I don't wanna go teach class, I wanna read my book' 之后我会说"我不想去上课我想读完我的书" and so it's good and then you forget what you wanna read 这个不错 在这之后你就忘了自己要做的事情 So anyway 所以 以上 What we're reading now or what you should be reading now is Erec 你现在应该要读的是埃里克 And Erec you know, he kinda irritates me as we get on with this, you know 对于埃里克 了解他之后我不太喜欢他 He's kind of a ego maniac, ego man 他是个自我主义者 自我至上 I wrote it down here some place but we you know 我在书上某处写下来的 但是你知道 I was so blabby last time that we couldn't even get the poor boy married 上堂课我东扯西扯 结果还没讲到这个可怜的孩子结婚 We left him over here just really lusting after Enid 关于他我们上次说到这儿 他对伊妮德十分迷恋 And I don't know, you even got to a point where he knows his name, knows her name 我不知道 我们是否讲到他知道他的 她的名字 那里了 We're over on page 20 20页我们讲完了 Isn't that where we stop? 我们上次是讲到这里吗 When they were perfect 讲到他们天生一对 Top of 22 22页上面 Well, She has got the dress, you know 好的 她应该已经拿到了裙子你知道的 She was dressed before at least you know, that's the reason why he can see 在她穿上裙子之前你知道的 这就是他可以看见 maybe he see her sides through the holes of the clothes or something 也许他从她衣衫的洞里或哪里看到了她的侧面曲线 It's like he likes her sides so much! 他似乎爱上了她的侧影 Anyway I promise to shut up about that 好吧我发誓就说到这儿 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180610/564469.html