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骑士与少女 第367期:艾瑞克的讨论(04)

Why was the bald eagle population dying out? 为什么秃鹰会灭绝 Yeah DDT 是的是因为DDT杀虫剂 Nasty stuff you know and so what she did really you know, we have this view that Science and Industry was gonna solve all problems of mankind 可恨的东西 这就是她所要表达的 我们一直这样认为 工业和科学会解决人类所有的问题 And so you know go kill the mice under your house under nose to you, you're also killing yourself 所以当你杀死你房子里眼皮底下的老鼠的时候 你也在残害你自己 And as a result of DDT, their eggs got so thin 由于DDT的作用 他们的蛋壳变薄 The shells got so thin that they would crack when they try to nest off 所以当他们要筑巢的时候蛋壳就会破 And so anyway what Rachel Carson did when this came out, 这就是她所想在书中告诉我们的 she brought to light all the hidden secrets of what chemicals and things we're doing, 她想把隐藏的秘密挖掘出来 这些关于化学现象和我们所作所为的秘密 how we we're dumping stuffs in rivers and killing rivers 我们是如何向河水里倾倒垃圾而毁了河流 So you know, I just mentioned a couple of those books 我只说了这些书中的一些内容 I mean these are things whether it's on some show or she's being featured on TV on some think channel or something 这都是演播秀 或者电视上经常播的东西 You should avail yourself to learn some of this stuff because these people these are titles– 你应该利用机会去学学这些东西 这些题目 they are people that are mentioned 这些作者都提到过 that you should at least have a brief biography in command of 你们应该至少掌握几个简单的传记 That's my little piece of info for today 这是我今天要给你的一些信息 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180610/564468.html