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英语四级作文边听边背 第36期:我爱夏天

Unit 36 I Love Summer 第36单元 我爱夏天 Of the four seasons, I love summer best. 四季中我最爱夏天。 Although some people complain that the scorching summer heat is unbearable and that the mosquitoes are irritating, I love summer nonetheless. 虽然有些人抱怨无法忍受炎炎暑热,蚊虫惹人厌烦,但我仍然喜欢夏天。 This is because the summer vacation gives me a chance to enjoy two months of carefree days. 这是因为暑假给我机会享受两个月自由自在的日子。 During the summer, swimming is for me the most refreshing and exciting outdoor activity. 在夏天,游泳对我而言是最舒畅也最刺激的户外活动。 To beat the heat, there's nothing better than soaking in a pool of cool water. 避暑的最佳方法莫过于泡在一池清凉的水中。 An outing in the countryside is also one of my favorite summertime pleasures. 在乡间踏青也是我最喜欢的夏日娱乐之一。 Lying in a meadow under an old tree, listening to the cicadas' singing, or just taking a nap is nothing short of paradise. 躺在老树下的草地上,听听蝉鸣,或者只是小睡一会儿,简直就像置身天堂一样。 Oh! How I long for summer! 啊,我多么渴望夏天啊! 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180609/564304.html