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Food is not evenly distributed in the tropical shallow seas, and it can take a lot of finding 食物在热带海域的分布并不平均,所以要找到食物也不容易, but bottlenose dolphins are inquisitive, energetic and very intelligent 像宽吻海豚这种又好奇又聪明伶俐又精神充沛的动物, and they have discovered a shoal of baitfish. 发明了一种利用浅滩钓鱼的方法。 Together, they ride a wave, using it to carry them into the shallows 它们一起赶着海浪,好让海浪把它们带到浅水域, and there, it will be easier to make the catch. 这样捕鱼就轻松多了。 In Western Australia, these dolphins have taken on an ever tougher challenge. 在澳大利亚西部,这些海豚面临着一个巨大挑战。 The fish have taken refuge close to the beach where the water is only a few centimeters deep. 鱼儿们太靠近沙滩,而那里的水才几厘米深。 Tail slapping is a method dolphins often use to stun their prey, but it doesn't seem to work here. 用有力的尾巴击晕猎物是海豚们常用的方法,不过在这里好像没有什么用处。 The fish are tantalizingly close 虽然已经很接近鱼儿了, but they're still out of reach, so the dolphins try another technique. 急人的是还是差那么一点,海豚于是开始用另一种技巧。 Vigorously pumping their tails, they work up some speed and then, they hydroplane. 用他们有力的尾巴加速,如同水上飞机般。 Their momentum carries them right through the shallowest waters, and onto the fish. 这种速度让它们穿越最浅的水域,来到了鱼儿那里。 Now they're in real danger of being stranded, but fortune favors the brave. 现在它们有搁浅的危险,但幸运来自勇气。 Younger dolphins lie alongside, watching 年轻的海豚在远处观看 but so far only eight individuals here have mastered this daring technique. 不远处有8只海豚在展示这种高超的技术。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180609/564253.html