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骑士与少女 第366期:艾瑞克的讨论(03)

Okay 好的 Good 很好 Anyway he's a really good guy 无论如何他是个不错的人 Another book that you probably heard of but probably haven't read 另一本书也许你听过但没读过 which I did read 我曾经读过这本书 'cause I was the right generation to read it 因为这本书是我这一年代的人读的 When I started thinking about books I should mention to you 在说这本书之前我要提醒你 It's a book by Rachel Carson 这本书的作者是瑞切尔·卡森 Rachel Carson wrote what? 瑞切尔·卡森写过什么 You should know this 这个你应该知道 No? 不知道吗 "Silent spring" 寂静的春天 What is silent spring? 寂静的春天是什么 Well, yeah it is the book that really kind of you know, 这真的是一本 你们知道 people give, you know, credit to for starting the environmental movement 被公认为发起环保运动的先驱之作 Rachel Carson's book came out 1962 瑞切尔·卡森的书是在1962年出版 She died in '67 她在1967年去世 She actually had degree in Biology, in Marine Biology 她还曾获得过海洋生物的学位 And she worked for the government until she started writing books and then it became very popular 在她写书之前还在政府部门工作过 在投入写作之后随即扬名四方 And then she said, 'Bye! I wanna go write some more books It's what I really like doing' 在那之前她曾说 "再见了 我真正想做的事是写更多的书" But a couple of years ago, a list of books came out 但是很多年前出了一批书 They got a bunch of thinkers together and said 很多的思想家聚在一起讨论并得出结论 'We want you to list the most important books that have been published in America in the last fifty years' 我们想请你来列出五十年来美国出版的最具影响力的书单 And "Silent Spring" was number one, number one 《寂静的春天》居于榜首 居于榜首 And this really, What she really did in 这是她所写出的寂静的春天 What did she do in "Silent Spring?" Remember? 还记得她在寂静的春天里所写的吗 记得吗 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180609/564192.html