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骑士与少女 第365期:艾瑞克的讨论(02)

One of the things 有一件事 And you know a lot of you might not view it as a function of this course 大概你们都不认为这是这门课程所触及的 but I think it's a function of being a college professor 但是我认为 作为一名大学教授 especially for you all is that you know, you should hear about some books you might not have heard of in other ways 尤其对于你们大家来说 你们应该多接触一些许多闻所未闻的书 and you know during the summer when you're on school, you should try to read some of this stuff 暑期在学校的时候 你应该试着去读读这些书 and I mentioned too one of the book I was talking about was by Desmond Morris 其中我也提到了一本书 作者是戴斯蒙·莫里斯 You know, kind of about that behavioral stuff 一本于行为能力的书 You probably heard of the book "The Naked Ape" 你也许听过有一本叫做《裸猿》的书 That's the book I was talking about 这就是我要说的这本书 And actually Morris it's hard when 事实上莫里斯的作品比较难懂 你知道的 You know, the web can be really useful but it's hard 网络确实很有用 但还是很难 when you put on stuff like you put on human behavior or human and animal behavior 比如你在网上搜人类行为特征 或者人类及动物的行为特征时 And about the first fifteen listings are quadruple x cites 而网站列出来的前15条内容都有n条引用 繁复纷杂 I think what! 我就会想什么啊 But finally if you scrounge around them enough you can get what you want 但是如果你仔细的读了这本书你就会找到你想要的东西 and here's a listing of things Morris has published 这里列了一些莫里斯曾经出版过的一些作品 "The Naked Ape" actually came out in 1967 事实上"裸猿"是在1967年出版的 and he's written a lot of books since then 从那之后他还写了很多的作品 and I really don't remember the exact title of the subsequent book 我现在想不起来下一部作品的准确名字 But his training was as a zoologist 但是作为一名科班出身的动物学家 And so he get his books like on cat watching, dog watching. Reese? 他的书大多是关于猫狗动物观察之类的 是这样的吗 That's why That's why, from the list that's what I thought and so it came out in '94 这是从他的作品里知道的 是在94年出版的 So that would have been about why 这就是我为什么知道这些的原因 'Coz I think I was driving some place and I picked up talk radio "因为我去了一些地方找到了一些谈话录音 that was actually think radio and they were interviewing him 这些录音大都是别人采访他时录下来的 I think I was outside St Louis someplace or something 我觉得那时候大概是在圣路易斯那边 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180609/564191.html