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《美少女的谎言》第03季 第322期:如何证明斯宾塞是清白的

Why would Spencer do this to us? 斯宾塞为什么这样对我们 Guys, I don't believe for one second 姑娘们 我不敢相信 that Spencer's on the A-team. 斯宾塞是A成员之一 Okay, if she is working with Mona 那么 如果她真的在帮梦娜 then there has to be more to the story. 那么其中必定有更多故事 We don't know what happened in Radley. 我们不知道在拉德里发生了什么 But spencer went in there at rock bottom. 而斯宾塞在人生最低点进去了 And she came out like a shiny new penny. 出来后变了一个人 Are you thinking shock treatment? 你觉得是休克疗法吗 No. No, I'm saying that 不是 我的意思是 Mona spent a lot of time in Radley. 梦娜在拉德里待过那么长时间 And maybe she made some friends. 她肯定交过不少朋友 And maybe Spencer talked to some of those friends. 也许斯宾塞和她那里的一些朋友谈过 Mona asked Spencer to join the A-team 假面舞会那晚 on the night of the masquerade ball. 梦娜就邀请过斯宾塞加入他们 Did Spencer finally take her up on it? 斯宾塞最后答应了吗 Yeah, but why now? 没有 但为什么现在又变卦了 There's a way to prove 有一个证明方法 That Spencer's still with us, 能够证明斯宾塞还是我们的人 And if Mona's watching, 如果梦娜在监视 it won't put Spencer at risk. 也不会使斯宾塞陷入危机 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180609/564190.html