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《美少女的谎言》第03季 第321期:三人怨恨斯宾塞

No wonder I was a fat kid. 怪不得我小时候很胖 When my dad cheated on my mom and left us to start a new family, 我爸出轨了 离开我们建立了新家庭 I had a box of these a night. 一晚上我掉了一盒这东西 But I would get some peanut butter 但我只要有花生酱和一罐糖霜 and that frosting in a can and have a party. 就能开个派对了 Alison's right here.What? 艾莉森就在这 什么 She's in this picture. 照片里有她 I don't remember that. 我不记得这张了 It just popped up. 突然出现的 That can't be who you saw. 这不可能是你看到的那个人 That's Aria's friend, Alison. 这就是艾瑞亚的朋友 艾莉森 No, Malcolm, that girl's-- 不可能 马尔科姆 这个姐姐已经 I remember her pretty hair. 我记得她漂亮的头发 That's her, Hanna. With the blue shirt. 就是她 汉娜 穿蓝色衣服的女孩 Spencer? That's Alison. 斯宾塞 那就是艾莉森 He said she was the girl in the blue shirt. 他说是穿蓝衣服的女孩 This is crazy. 这不可能吧 And you're saying, that Shana knows Jenna. 而且你说莎娜认识詹娜 And that the both of them are meeting up with Melissa? 还有她们都要和梅丽莎见面 This is crazier than crazy. 这根本不可能啊 I mean, Radley's looking better every day. 拉德里一天比一天好 I'm actually ready to check in. 我真想去住一住玩玩 We're going to figure it out. 我们要查出个究竟来 I've already got it figured out. 我已经知道答案了 Spencer's part of the A-team. Game over. 斯宾塞是A中的一员 游戏结束 Today it's me and Ezra. Tomorrow it'll be you and Caleb. 今天是我和以斯拉 明天就会是你和凯勒 And then it's going to be your turn Emily, 然后就会轮到你的 艾米莉 So get ready to say goodbye to Paige, 准备跟佩吉道别吧 'cause I promise you, A's going to take her from you. 我敢说A一定会把她从你身边抢走的 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180609/564189.html