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BBC地平线 自我监测(Monitor Me) 第27期

走路去平时不会走去的地方 I walk places that I wouldn't normally do 感觉很不错 and it's been going really well. 西莉亚要赢了 她比我们都厉害 Celia is winning. She's beating all of us. 那你要怎么做 凯茜 Yeah, what are you going to do about that, Cathy? 我有参加那种训练营 I've been going to boot camp, 但恐怕我的步数还是有点令人失望 but my step count is a bit disappointing, I'm afraid. 所以我在训练营之后要再跑个步 So I'm having to do a run after boot camp, 即便如此 but, having said that, 我的步数还是远远不如你和西莉亚的 my steps are still nowhere near as much as yours and Celia, 很难过 I'm very upset. 你怎么样 帕姆 How's it been going with you, Pam? 我最近走了很多路 而且 I've been doing a lot more walking, and 去泡茶泡咖啡的时候都选择长一点的路线 going the long way round to make the tea and the coffee. 我有点担心啊 因为我没想到 I'm a little bit concerned, because I didn't think 大家会这么认真 we'd be taking this quite as seriously as we are. 或许这种监控真的在改变我们的行为 Maybe this monitoring really is changing our behaviour. 我们将在几周之后揭晓 We'll find out in a couple of weeks 它究竟能产生多大的影响 just how much difference it can make. -再见 很高兴看到你们 -再见 - See you later, lovely to see you. - See you! Bye! 我又出来跑步了 I'm out running...again. 很难不跑 因为每天 It's hard not to when every single day 你都知道自己究竟迈出了多少步 you know exactly how many steps you're clocking up. 但实际上 我现在做的 But, really, what I'm doing here 是一种直观监控自己健康的方式 is one of the more obvious ways of monitoring your health. 一提到监控健康状况 When we think about the way that we monitor health, 我们总会想到心率和血压 we talk about heart rates and blood pressures, 或者健身的运动量 or the amount of exercise we're doing, 又或是燃烧的热量 or the calories that we've burnt.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180608/Monitor-Me-27.html