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BBC地平线 自我监测(Monitor Me) 第26期

我们正几乎处于 So it's like we're almost at 医学新时代的开端 Day Zero of a whole new world of medicine. 最终 And what will come out the other end, 将是一个更健康 关注人们健康状态的社会 is a far healthier society that's focused on wellness, 而非当一切已来不及时才试图治疗疾病 rather than trying to fix sickness when it's way too late. 拉里提供了一种新的自我认知方式 Larry's providing a new self-awareness 可能会产生新形式的预防医学 that would lead to a new kind of preventative medicine, 不需依靠疫苗 one that doesn't depend on vaccination, 或公共卫生项目 而是靠数据 or programmes of public health, but instead on data. 在这一点上 我觉得他可能大有作为 And in that, I think he really might be onto something. 布莱恩的实验已经进行了一周 We're one week into Blaine's experiment. 刚开始时 我想我们都惊讶于 When we started, I think we were all a bit surprised at 达到建议的每天一万步有多难 how hard it was to reach the recommended daily level of 10,000 steps. 那么现在大家都进展如何呢 So how's everyone doing now? 那是谁 那个红色柱是西莉亚 Who's that thereThat red bar is Celia. 明显进步了 Upping her game. 有几天都超过了一万五千步 Getting over 15,000 steps on a couple of days 很厉害 which is pretty impressive. 这确实会激发人的竞争优势 It does kind of give it all that competitive edge. 我们的小实验貌似变得正经起来了 Our little experiment seems to have got rather serious. 西莉亚·沃克 正在呼叫 -你好 -你好 - Hello! - Hello! 最近如何 How's it all going? 我们都挺关注你的出色表现 Well, we're a bit concerned about how well you did. 上周一你好像来了个爆发 Last Monday, you seemed to rather put on a good spurt. 我承认 那天我确实跑步来着 I did do a bit of running that day, I have to say. 不过你有几天都超过了一万五千步 西莉亚 But I see, Celia, you did a couple of days over 15,000 steps. 是的 我一直在 I have, yes, and I'm definitely making sure that来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180608/Monitor-Me-26.html