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BBC地平线 自我监测(Monitor Me) 第24期

多年来 他收集了 Over the years, he's gathered 数十亿关于他身体的测量数据 billions of different measurements about his body. 未来患者 从他体内的各种酶到蛋白质 From his enzymes to his proteins, 从矿物质到微生物 毫无遗漏 his minerals to his microbes, nothing goes undetected. 这里展示的只是极少的一部分 This display shows just a tiny fraction of them. 这些是一百五十个不同变量 These are 150 different variables 在五或十年间的数据 over either 5 or 10 years. 关于你的 On you? 只有我 这是我的胆固醇变量 镁变量 Just on me. Here's my cholesterol variables, my magnesium. 磷 钠 铊 我根本没听说过的东西 Phosphorous, sodium, thallium, stuff I've never heard of. 你测的东西 You're measuring stuff 有些我都不知道该怎么念 that I've I don't even know how to pronounce. 对 所有医生告诉你要测的内容 Yup, all of the things that your doctor tells you to measure 还有更多其它的 and a lot of others. 有了这些信息 With this information, 拉里建立了一个预警系统 Larry has an early warning system in place, 以防他的身体出现任何问题 in case anything goes wrong inside his body. 颜色标记指的是 The colour coding is that 如果变量是绿色的 说明很健康 if they're in the green they're healthy, 但如果是橘色的 but if they're in the orange, 则说明你已经超出了健康上限的一至十倍 that means you're 1-10 times above the upper limit for healthy. 事实上 我看着这些就觉得 And in fact, I look at this and I say, "看看这些绿色 我肯定很健康" "Look at all that green I must be pretty healthy." 但几年前 他发现出了点问题 But a few years ago, he noticed something was wrong. 我注意到 "这个红色的是什么" I said, "What's this thing up here that is red "它已经超过上限三十倍了" that is spiking up to 30 times the upper limit. "然后下面这里都成紫色了" And this one down here that's purple, "超过健康上限一百二十五倍" that's 125 times the healthy limit."来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180608/Monitor-Me-24.html