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英语四级作文边听边背 第35期:我最爱的风景区

Unit 35 My Favorite Scehic Spot 第35单元 我最爱的风景区 Of all the scenic spots in Taiwan, Kenting, which is noted for its white sand beaches and its year-round sunshine, is my favorite. 在台湾的风景胜地中,以白色沙滩和终年阳光闻名的垦丁是我最爱的地方。 The beauty of the crystal clear seawater and the azure sky is beyond desCRIption. 清澈晶莹的海水以及蔚蓝的天空所构成的美景实非笔墨所能形容。 Besides, the natural wonders in Kenting National Park, such as the stalactites and odd rocks, are most attractive. 此外,垦丁国家公园的自然奇景,如钟乳石和奇岩怪石等,最是引人入胜。 The luxuriant greenery and various species of flowers are especially worth seeing. 繁茂的绿色草木和各种各样的花卉特别值得一看。 In Kenting, I enjoy swimming, lying on the sand and basking in the sun to my heart's content. 在垦丁,我喜欢游泳,躺在沙滩上,尽情地沐浴在阳光里。 Staying there for only a few days can make me feel relaxed and then all my troubles will seem to be far away. 只要在那儿待几天就可以使我感到轻松,而我的烦恼似乎也就烟消云散了。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180608/564015.html