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Here and there, plants manage to take root, and they're cropped by green turtles. 植物设法到处生根,它们成了绿海龟的食物。 Seagrasses are the only flowering plants that have managed to grow in the sea 海草是唯一在海里生长的有花植物, although they put out a few ribbon like leaves 海草长出叶子状的带状物, they produce very extended networks of fleshy stems, risomes, that are buried in the sand. 以此延伸它们埋在沙子里的肉质根茎。 At their lushest they can transform the sea bed into an underwater meadow. 这种蓬勃的长势可以把海床覆盖在下面。 The largest expanse grows in the shallow waters of Shark Bay, in Western Australia. 世界上最大的草海在澳大利亚西部的鲨鱼湾。 These vast aquatic grasslands stretch for fifteen hundred square miles 这片广大的海洋牧场,面积可达1500平方英里, and, like terrestrial prairies, they support herds of grazers. Dugongs. 像陆地上的大草原一样,这里也养育了大量的食草动物--儒艮。 Dugongs are the largest herbivores in the sea. 儒艮是海洋里最大的食草动物。 They can be three meters long and weigh half a ton 可以长到3米长,半吨重, and they eat nothing but seagrass, mostly the fleshy risomes, which they excavate with their mobile lips. 它们除了海草什么都不吃,他们不停移动嘴唇,把海草的肉质根茎送到口中。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180608/563964.html