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This cooperation between snakes and fish, spectacular though it is, 这种鱼蛇之间的合作引人入胜, has only recently been observed, for it only happens on the most remote reefs in Indonesia. 只是最近才被发现,因为它发生在偏僻的印尼珊瑚礁。 Perhaps such hunting alliances were once a common sight 或许这种事情曾经发生在印尼的大多数珊瑚礁中, but today no more than six percent of Indonesia's reefs are in their pristine state. 但是到现在,只有不到6%的珊瑚礁还还保持着原始状态。 Beyond the coral stretches a world of shifting sand. 在珊瑚礁上,是流砂的世界。 Out there with nowhere to hide survival is not easy, and camouflage can be crucial. 这里无处可藏,要生存是很困难的事情,所以伪装变得至关重要。 If this wasn't moving, you might think it was a shell or a rock. In fact it's an octopus. 如果这个家伙不动的话,你说不定会以为这是块贝壳或者石头。实际上,它是条章鱼。 A gurnard. It's huge pectoral fins disguise it's shape 这条鲂鱼。它的巨大的胸鳍给它提供了很好的伪装, and they can also help in clearing away sand when searching for food. 并且它的胸鳍还可以在找寻食物的时候清理砂子。 The jawfish hides underground. 大颚鱼藏在地下。 The wonderpus octopus on the other hand has such a powerful bite 拟态章鱼用强有力的触手, that it has a special warning display to tell others to keep out of it's way. 摆出特别的姿势警告其他动物远离此地。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180608/563963.html