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Wow. We are honored to be talking with Neilson Mandela, the former president of South Africa, whose unshakable courage, 我们很荣幸能和南非前任总统曼德拉聊天,他不可动摇的勇气 his faith and integrity have inspired millions to see what is possible in their own lives. I've had the pleasure, 他的信仰和正直鼓舞了数千万人,看到自己生命中的可能。我很高兴, the honor of meeting Mr. Mandela on a couple of occasions before and I will tell you, 很荣幸在此之前几次见过,曼德拉先生,我告诉你们 to be in his presence is really, to be in your presence is like being a presence of royalty and grace at the same time. 和他在一起真的,和你在一起就像同时和庄严和优雅在一起 I would think, I wonder how does a man spend 27 years in prison, put there by an oppressor, 我想知道一个人在狱中度过27年,被压迫者迫害入狱 and come out of that experience with not a heart of stone, not a cold heart but a heart that is willing to forgive and embrace. I remember talking to you 出来后没有铁石心肠,没有漠不关心,而怀着愿意原谅和容纳的心。我记得一晚吃晚饭时 one night of our dinner, and you had said to me that our hatred for the oppressor was so intense we did not see the value of talking to him. 和你聊天,你对我说,我们对压制者的憎恨太过强烈,我们没有看到和他谈话的价值 So at what point did you see the value of letting go of that hatred and begin the process of talking? 那么你看到了什么价值,要放下仇恨并开展对话 Well, let me say first, that is a great tragedy to spend the best of your lives in prison. 首先我想说,把一生最好的时间花监狱中这是一个很好的策略 But although it looks ironical, there are advantages in that. 虽然看起来很讽刺,但有好处 If I had not been at the prison, I have not... I would not be able to achieve the most difficult, a task in life, and that is changing yourself. 如果我没有入狱,不会有……我不会完成毕生中最困难的任务,那改变了你自己 I would not have an opportunity. 我不会有那样的机会 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180608/563934.html