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And then, just before it came out of my mouth I said... I thought to myself, "Actually I don't believe that." 然后,当我说出口前,我心想,其实我不相信 I don't believe that things happen for the best. 我不相信事出皆有因 But while I don't believe that things happen for the best, 但虽然我不相信事出皆有因 I do believe that some people are able to make the best of things that happen, and there is a very big difference here. 我的确相信有些人能够因事制宜,这里有一个很大的区别 Because when I say "I'm not happy about what just happen here, I don't like it, I much rather have the market be a good market, 因为当我说“我不满意刚发生的事”,我不喜欢它,我更希望市场是好市场 where people are hiring, where they all come to me on a silver platter and offer me a job. Of course, I would much rather have that. 人们就业很容易,许多人争相向我提供工作。当然,我更情愿那样 So things don't happen for the best necessarily, but there are some people who accept the situation and then are able to make the best of it. 所以事出未必有因,但有些人接受这种情况并且能够因事制宜 The same with any CRIsis. Do you think the leaders, whether they are the eighty- or ninety-year-olds, 对任何危机而言都一样,你们以为领袖们,无论他们80或90岁 invited those crucibles into their lives want these crucibles to happen? 会主动在生活中寻求严酷的考验吗?会想让这些困难发生吗 Do you think partners go into a relationship and say "let's look for that crucible, let's really fight so that we can have a healthy relationship"? 你觉得处在关系中的伙伴会说,我们寻找考验,我们吵一架让我们的关系更健康吧 Of course not! But when it happens, that's when they make the best of it. 当然不会,但如果真的发生这种情况,他们会充分利用它 You know, stuff happens, and we can either let it pollute or make fertilizer out of it. 有些事会发生,我们要么无动于衷要么从中获取利益 I want to show you an example once again of a leader, who is a consummate benefit-finder. 我再举一个领袖的例子,他是一个模范积极者 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180608/563933.html