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骑士与少女 第364期:艾瑞克的讨论(01)

Picking up today, working on Chrétien 我们今天要来说说克雷蒂安 It's always a little curious to me on how the knightly stuff keeps getting the paper, not to bore you with this 对于他我一直有着很强的好奇心 他是如何让骑士的故事跃然纸上 而不让我们感到厌烦 But there are a couple of recent comics that I blew out for your benefit 但是如果你不看报纸的话 If you don't read newspaper 这里我来给你们讲几幅最近的漫画 one shows a knight going into an outhouse 一个人描写了一个骑士去野外 and there's a can opener on the side of it that says, "Please replace when done" 看见一个开瓶器的一面写着这样的文字 "用毕请更换" The other one though, and we're not supposed to do anything to kind of tie this course to space and time 一些人可能认为这和时间与空间这个话题没有什么关系 We're not suppose to say, 'oh election year' or anything like that, 我们也并未打算说些类似于选举年这样的话题 but this one is kind of interesting because of its cleverness 但是如下这个话题却因其聪敏之处让人觉得很有意思 With regard to With regard to Bobby Knight and his pal and his firing, 关于鲍比骑士和他的朋友 and of course his reaction in campus so it shows the knight just beat the hell out of somebody 以及他的所作所为 漫画中展示了骑士把某个人打得屁滚尿流的画面 I said 'geeze' all I said was 'hey what's up knight?' 我所想说的是"天呀 你怎么了骑士" so I thought that was very clever 我认为这么做很聪明 I couldn't remember 我有点想不大起来 了 I emailed a friend of mine who teaches English, a full professor English, trying to hunt after the title of the book 我给我一位做全职英文教授的朋友发邮件 想找出上次想告诉你们的 I was trying to tell you about last time 这本书的标题到底叫什么 and I kind of come up with something 我似乎想起来一点 And then she said 'I wrote' and said I emailed her said, 'you think that's right? 之后她发给了我说 "你认为这个对吗" and she said 'Well, I tell ya? that sounds right' 然后她说'我告诉你 这个听起来挺对的 I take more and more ginkgo biloba everyday 我每天都在喝很多的银杏茶 but it doesn't seem to help, seem to have diminished ability 但是看起来它没起到什么作用 好像反而使我的能力一天天的减弱了 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180608/563895.html