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And there are snakes here, too, lots of them. 这里也有蛇,许多的蛇。 These are banded sea crates. They lay their eggs on land but they hunt here in the water. 这是巨环海蛇。它们在陆地上产卵,在水里捕食。 They're too slow to catch fish in a straight chase 它们直接捕食鱼速度跟不上, so they seek prey that is hiding in the nooks and crannies of the coral. 因此就在珊瑚礁的裂缝和暗处寻找猎物。 Their bite is highly venomous and paralyzes their victims. 它的剧毒能立刻让受害者全身麻痹,动弹不得。 And on this reef the snakes do not hunt alone. 在这个珊瑚礁里,海蛇并不是单独行动。 Shoals of yellow goatfish and trivali are seeking similar prey 许多的黄色绯鲵鲣和它的同伴们也在寻找同样的猎物。 And they attract the snakes' attention. 它们引起了海蛇的注意。 As one group of hunters searches the reef, they're joined by the other. 它们也加入进来,开始扫荡珊瑚礁。 At least thirty snakes have now joined the caravan. 至少有30条海蛇加入到了这个队伍。 The big fish scare the prey into cracks and there the snakes can catch them. 大鱼将猎物吓到裂缝里,那里,海蛇就能抓住它们了。 And anything fleeing from the crates will swim straight into the mouths of the waiting trivali. 这样从海蛇嘴里逃跑的猎物也将直接送到这些大鱼嘴里。 There's nowhere to hide. 猎物们没有地方可以躲藏。 As the raiders scour the reef, more and more snakes join the hunt. 有更多的海蛇加入进来一起扫荡珊瑚礁。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180607/563662.html