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英语四级作文边听边背 第31期:巴黎之旅

Unit 31 A Trip to Paris 第31单元 巴黎之旅 I had intended to take a trip to Paris since my brother went there to study. 自从我哥哥到巴黎念书后,我就一直想到那儿旅行。 During the last summer vacation, I was fortunate enough to make my dream come true. 去年暑假期间,我很幸运地实现了我的梦想。 I spent more than one month visiting several magnificent museums and famous architectural sites. 我花了一个多月的时间参观一些宏伟的博物馆和一些名建筑所在地。 What's more,I got acquainted with a Frenchman, Olivier, who shared an apartment with my brother. 而且,我还认识了一个法国人奥利维尔,他与我哥哥住同一间公寓。 Unlike what I imagined Frenchmen to be, Olivier wasn't arrogant in the least. 不像我所想象的法国人,奥利维尔一点也不自大。 On the contrary, he was so easygoing and friendly that he volunteered to be our guide. 相反地,他既随和又很友善,所以他自愿当我们的向导。 I remember one day he took us to a chic cafe and told us that the cup which he was holding was the very same that Picasso had used. 我记得有一天他带我们到一家别致的咖啡店,并告诉我们他握着的杯子就是毕加索用过的同一个杯子。 Even though we communicated in simple English, I never felt bored being with him. 虽然我们用简单的英文沟通,但是跟他在一起时我从不会觉得乏味。 It was Olivier who made my memories of Paris so vivid and unforgettable. 就是奥利维尔使我对巴黎的回忆如此地生动而难忘。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180604/562939.html