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英语四级作文边听边背 第30期:旅游

Unit 30 Traveling 第30单元 旅游 Traveling is one of the fastest and best ways to acquaint yourself with the world. 旅游是熟悉世界最快最好的方式之一。 The more involved you get, the more you learn. 你投入越多,学得就越多。 It introduces you to magnificent scenery and broadens your mind. 它将绝佳的景色呈现在你面前开阔你的心胸。 While traveling, you can not only pick up the languages of various countries but also learn to appreciate their art and culture. 旅行时,你不仅能学习不同国家的语言,也可以学习欣赏它们的艺术与文化。 I'm especially interested in learning about the local customs and unique activities of different places. 我对学习有关当地的习俗与不同地方的独特活动特别感兴趣。 Visiting a strange place can be adventurous and exciting. 游览陌生的地方可能会充满冒险和刺激。 If you don't take a trip to another country, you will never realize how wonderful it is. 如果你不到别的国家旅行的话,便永远不会明白那会有多棒。 In exotic places, it's easier to relax and forget your worries. 在富有异国情调的地方比较容易放松身心,忘却你所有的烦恼。 What's more, such places provide opportunities to meet different and interesting people. 此外,这样的地方也会使你有机会遇见各种各样有趣的人物。 Why not plan for a trip right now? 何不马上就计划一趟旅行? You won't regret it. 你不会后悔的。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180603/562676.html