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英语四级作文边听边背 第27期:垦丁之旅

Unit27 A Trip to Kenting 第27单元 垦丁之旅 In spite of the oncoming typhoon, May and I still went on our trip to Kenting. 尽管台风即将来临,我和梅仍然去垦丁玩。 We rented a scooter as soon as we arrived and began our exciting adventure. 我们一到垦丁就租了一辆小型摩托车展开刺激的历险。 Our first stop was Sheding Park, a wild nature park. 我们的第一站是社顶公园,一座原始的自然公园。 We took a walk on the trails and spotted many goats. 我们在小径上散步时看见了许多山羊。 We were so thrilled that we decided to follow them. 我们非常兴奋,因此决定跟踪它们。 It wasn't long before we realized we had gotten lost. 没多久我们就迷路了。 It took us hours to get out of the woods. 我们花了好几个小时才走出森林 On the way back to our hostel, I was so taken with the lovely scene that I crashed into a fence. 在回旅社的途中,我欣赏美景太过入神以致撞上一处围栏。 Fortunately, May and I were not injured. 幸好,我和梅都没受伤。 The next day, we went to the beach for a swim. 第二天.我们到海滩游泳。 The sea was so rough, we almost drowned. 海上风浪很大,因此我们差点淹死。 Despite all that had happened, our trip was really an unforgettable adventure. 尽管发生犷这么多事,此行依然令人难忘。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180530/561831.html