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The attack is on! To intimidate their opponents, 攻击开始了!为了壮声势, the aggressors scream and drum on buttress roots. 它们尖叫着并击打树根冲向战场。 Several males corner an enemy female. 几只公猩猩把一只母猩猩逼上绝境。 It's a ferocious attack and she's lucky to escape with her life. 面对这凶猛的攻击,这只母猩猩侥幸得以活下来。 Others are not so fortunate. 另外一些就不那么走运了。 The battle won, a grizzly scene unfolds. 战斗胜利,出现了一个可怕的场景。 An enemy youngster has been caught and killed. 敌人的孩童被抓住并被杀死。 The carcass is shared between members of the group and eaten. 并被这群黑猩猩吃掉。 Killing a competitor makes sense if you want to protect your food supply. 捕杀敌人虽然有利于保证自己的食物供给。 But exactly why they cannibalise the dead chimp is not fully understood. 但是还搞不清楚它们究竟为什么要吃同类。 It may simply be a chance for some extra protein. 也可能是为了获得额外的蛋白质吧。 Teamwork has brought this group of chimps great success, 团队合作使这群黑猩猩取得巨大成功, but they'll soon reach the limits of their power. 但是它们很快将盛极而衰。 The competition for resources ensures that no one species dominates the jungle. 雨林中激烈的资源竞争使得没有哪个物种可以统治这块地方。 The rainforests' great diversity has come at a cost. 雨林的物种多样性正在消失。 It has made them the most finely balanced ecosystems in the world, 而雨林却是维持地球生态系统微妙平衡的关键, only too easily upset and destroyed by that other great ape, the chimpanzee's closest relative, ourselves. 大肆破坏雨林最终伤害到的另一种伟大猿类,就是黑猩猩的近亲--我们人类自己。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180522/559802.html