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At 150 strong, this community of chimps is the biggest yet found in Africa. 150只黑猩猩,这个群落是迄今在非洲发现的最大的黑猩猩群落。 Their numbers are so large that they need a big territory, lots of fig trees, 众多的人口意味着要有广大的领土,需要很多无花果树 and they're willing to fight for it. 也值得为它们而战。 These calls announce the start of a raid into land controlled by their neighbours. 这种声音是在宣布要去搜捕侵犯领土的邻居们了。 As they leave their core zone, the patrol goes silent, occasionally stopping to listen. 它们离开中心居住区,巡逻队开始保持缄默行军,不时停下来倾听。 Signs of the enemy are detected and examined closely. 敌人的行迹被发现并仔细检查。 The chimp militia are now at the very edge of their territory. 猩猩战士们已经快到达国境线了。 All need to be on maximum alert. They must wait and listen. 所有成员必须保持最高警惕。它们必须侧耳倾听,等待时机。 An unfamiliar chimp call raises the tension. 一个陌生的声音引起了猩猩们的注意。 It's an uncertain time, the size of the rival group is as yet unknown. 在这个非常时刻,对手的具体数量还不知道。 Not far away, their neighbours are feeding in a fig tree, oblivious to the approaching dangers. 就在不远处,邻居正在无花果树上进食,他们还不知道危险正在接近。 The patrol moves off with a sense of purpose. 巡逻队继续向目标进军。 They must remain silent until they close in on their rivals. 在接近对手之前它们必须保持缄默。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180522/559801.html