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《美少女的谎言》第03季 第277期:求救短信

I was hoping she'd be here, but she isn't. 我是希望她在这里了 但她没来 Do you think Spencer just didn't get your S.O.S.? 会是斯宾塞没收到你的求救短信吗 Maybe, but she must have gotten one of the other 可能吧 但她总会收到我们发的 twelve messages we sent. 十二条短信中的其中一条吧 Okay, you guys, she has ditched school before. 好了 她之前就有逃课 All right? It's not a big deal. 对吧 这没什么大不了的 Yeah, you're right, I guess. 是啊 我想你说得没错 Okay, we just need to get through today. 好吧 我们只要过完今天就知道了 If she doesn't call or show up, 要是她没打电话 没现身 we'll go to her house after school. 我们放学后就去她家 Girls, good, you're all together. 姑娘们 很好 你们都在一块儿 I think you know Spencer's sister, Melissa. 我想你们认识斯宾塞的姐姐 梅丽莎 Have you seen Spencer? Have you talked to her? 你们见过斯宾塞吗 有没有跟她说过话 Not today. 今天还没见面说话 Is something wrong? 出事了吗 Spencer didn't come home last night. 斯宾塞昨晚没回家 She's not answering her phone. 她也没接电话 I was hoping she was here with you. 我真希望她跟你们一起在这里 Which is why I came here before I went to the police. Police? 这也是我去警局之前先来学校的原因 警局 I understand Spencer's been a little "distracted" lately. 我知道最近斯宾塞有点神思恍惚 Was there something on her mind that she shared with you? 她有跟你们说是什么事情吗 Anything about her plans? 有没有说一些关于她计划的事 No, Mr. Hackett, 没有 哈克特先生 she hasn't said anything to us. 她没跟我们说任何事 You're her friends. She must have said something. 你们是她的朋友 她肯定说了些什么 You can now call the police from my office. 你现在可以去我办公室报警了 Thank you. Let me know if you hear from Spencer. Yes, sir. 谢谢 你们要是有斯宾塞的消息 告诉我 知道了 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180517/558598.html