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西部世界(Westworld) 第01季 第01集 第14期

本来的设计就是谋杀犯 It's homicidal by design. 沃尔特一直都杀其他的接待员 Walter kills other hosts all the time. 我承认这个模式 I'll admit the method here 有点打破常规 is a little unconventional, 但是它没有伤害到客人 but it didn't hurt a guest. 接待员理应待在自己的循环中 The hosts are supposed to stay within their loops, 按剧本行事 stick to their sCRIpts 只能有极小的即兴发挥 with minor improvisations. 但这可不是极小的即兴发挥 This isn't a minor improvisation. 这他妈简直是场大灾难 This is a fucking shitstorm. 我们明天必须召回所有被更新的接待员 We recall all remaining updated hosts tomorrow. 一个个检查 废弃掉残次品 Examine them one by one, decommission the faulty ones. 那整个故事线怎么办 What about narrative? 如此大规模的召回 会引发极大的混乱 A recall of that size will be disruptive. 我已经让那位狂暴的朋友 I've told our overstimulated friend 提前一周去洗劫酒吧 to advance the saloon heist a week 并让血腥程度翻倍 and make it twice as bloody. 那应该可以帮我们掩盖召回剩余接待员的行动 Should give us cover to recall the remaining hosts. 客人们一定会很喜欢的 And the guests will love it. 我觉得福特恐怕不会同意吧 I'm not sure Ford will approve. 我也担心他不会同意 I'm not sure either, 因此就由你去告诉他吧 which is why you get to be the one to tell him. 这是你搞出的烂摊子 伯尼 This is your fuckup, Bernie. 只有这样才公平 Only seems fair. 我们的造物似乎有些行为失常 So our creatures have been misbehaving, 你到现在还没把程序错误筛选出来吗 and you haven't yet isolated the bug? 那可真不像你的风格 伯纳德 That's so unlike you, Bernard. 当然 除非你已经解决了 Unless, of course, you have 只不过是结果让你感到很丢人 and are simply embarrassed by the result. 是您添加的代码出了问题 先生 It's the code you added, sir. 冥思 The reveries. 它有一些... It has some... "错误" "Mistakes" 你觉得很丢人 不想用这个词 Is the word you're too embarrassed to use. 不必觉得丢人 You ought not to be. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180516/Westworld-01-01-14.html